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Lake Maintenance Easements Standards of Care

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Approved January 22, 2020 by the Board of Supervisors Laguna Lakes CDD
Standards and Guidelines with the Lake Maintenance Easements (LME)

Purpose: The purpose of these standards is to ensure that all contractors working within the community follow the same maintenance guidelines for around all the lakes.


Registration Requirements
All professional landscape businesses operating within the Laguna Lakes District must be registered with Lee County prior to performing landscaping within the District. At least one (1) employee must be a Certified Professional Landscaper. Proof of completion of a Lee County approved BMP training program must be provided to the Division of Lee County Natural Resources. At least one (1) BMP trained employee must be on site while fertilizers are applied. A registration decal provided by the division must be displayed on all company vehicles.

Buffer Zones
No fertilizers shall be applied on turf and/or landscape plants within ten (10) feet of a lakes and storm drains.

Mode of Fertilizer Application
When using a rotary spreader, use of a deflector shield is required to deflect fertilizers away from lake, storm drains and impervious surfaces.

Low Maintenance Zone
A low maintenance zone is required 6 feet from shoreline of the lakes and blade height of the grass no shorter than 5 inches.

Grass Clippings and Vegetative Materials
No grass clippings or vegetative materials shall be deposited into storm drains, ditches, lakes, roadways or other impervious surfaces.

Any vegetation material such as but not limited to coconuts, tree branches, palm fronds that fall into the lake must be picked up and removed by the neighborhood landscaper during each mowing event.

Plant Installation within the LME
Homeowners are not allowed to plant any vegetation within the Lake Maintenance Easements. Vegetation planted within the LME can be removed by the Laguna Lakes CDD at any time.


Storm Water Drain Pipes
Running a storm water drain pipe from a downspout directly into a lake is allowed but all work must be completed by a licensed contractor and must first be approved by the Laguna Lakes CDD. In the event that a lake bank has been previously repaired with a geo filter tube or dredge sox the end of the drain pipe must stop where the LME begins and must have a bubbler system present to allow the storm water to slowly flow through the grass and over the tube before reaching the lake.

Pool Overflow Drain Pipes
Running pool overflow drains directly into the lake is strictly prohibited. The drain pipe end must stop where the LME begins to allow the water to flow through the grass which will help filter out any pool chemicals before it reaches the lake. Pools are not allowed to be emptied directly into the lakes or storm drains. Drainage hoses must stop prior to the LME to allow the water to flow through the grass which will help filter out any pool chemicals before it reaches the lake.

Construction Behind Homes:

Anytime a homeowner is having heavy construction completed behind their home (Pool Installation or Home Modification) that requires digging into the ground with machinery a silt fence must be installed on the edge of the property to prevent any silt from washing into the lake.