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Irrigation Maintenance Program Changes

The CDD and Irrigation Specialists are making changes to the current maintenance program to improve response to certain irrigation repairs.  As you know, Irrigation Specialists comes to Laguna Lakes every Tuesday to perform maintenance and repairs.  This day is fixed and recurs every week.  

In response to concerns that repairs cannot extend many days before being resolved, an adjustment to the maintenance program has been made.  Irrigation Specialists will respond to certain repairs on days other than Tuesdays.  They will respond to:

  1. Pump down (no water)
  2. Mainline break (water flowing)
  3. Stuck valve (water running)
  4. Zones down (dryness causing possible damage)
  5. New landscape (needs additional water)

These repair visits will be billed to the CDD as they occur.  Since these repairs will incur additional costs to the CDD the following policy is in place:

Service requests may be made directly to Irrigation Specialists; however, owners, sub-associations, master associations or landscape vendors are not authorized to instruct Irrigation Specialists to perform work.  Irrigation Specialist will be submitting service requests to the CDD for authorization of the work-order before performing the work.

As a reminder, each sub-association and master association is responsible for cleaning, repairing and adjusting sprinkler heads and checking zones for proper operation from the clock.

We are confident that this change in policy will:

  1. continue the direct working relationships between all parties involved in landscaping and irrigation,
  2. improve the response time to critical repairs, and 
  3. manage and control irrigation expenses from the CDD.

While this change may result in slightly increased fees for repairs we believe it will ease concerns that irrigation repairs must not wait for multiple irrigation cycles.  It also continues to allow all involved to help maintain the landscape and irrigation.

If you should have any questions or need to report concerns, please contact our District Management – Cal Teague or Christopher Dudak.

Jonathan Busa
Board of Supervisors
Laguna Lakes Community Development District